About TrustMe Global

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TrustMe Global is an international supply chain management company headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in LA, New York, China and Vietnam. We specialize in outsourced procurement of medical supplies, construction supplies and home supplies for businesses all across the world. We have expertise at every level of the supply chain utilized where you need it most.


Ever since COVID started, TrustMe Global has been dedicated to transporting medical supplies all over the United States. We’ve transported face masks, isolation gowns, nitrile and latex gloves, disinfecting wipes, face shields, and other clinically proven medical products to different organizations.

This has resulted in our company making investments in our production lines and various departments including merchandising, quality control, warehouse inventories and own logistics channels.

Since 2022, we have extended into construction industry, supplying windows, doors, steel, cabinets, hardwares and all kinds of home supplies. We are helping and working with many contractors, GC and developers to complete their projects in the most efficient and economical way.


We have successfully delivered goods for many private and public organizations including the government, hospitals, schools, apartment complex and even the military. TrustMe Global works as an extended team to the customer and appreciates each customer’s trust in us and we will endeavor to make sure that trust is valued. When you work with TrustMe, you can sleep tight at night!